I Love My Credit Union by Jeff T, Grand Forks "My credit union takes care of all my financial needs, including my loans. The staff are always so nice and friendly. "
I Love My Credit Union by Jerry P, Fargo "I love my credit union. I've been with them for 25 years. They always are so friendly."
Everything in on place by Malachi, Fargo ND “I had a car loan with an interest rate close to 14%. A friend told me about the Credit Union, and after I joined I applied for an existing auto loan – and the interest rate was 2%. I was in awe – I’ve never had a low interest rate in my life!
I love my Credit Union by Joe, Fargo ND I went to the Credit Union after being fed up with a large bank. The Credit Union took a personal interest in my financial situation and made me feel at home. They are helping me to raise my credit score.
Savings, loans, retirement by JP, Jamestown ND “After extreme frustration with a national bank, it was a refreshing difference to work with the Credit Union. I took my situation to the Credit Union with my head hung in shame, but there was little judgment and lots of help.”
My whole family saves by Toni, Wimbledon ND “My husband and I were given a second chance by the Credit Union.  We did not have good credit, but we wanted to purchase a home.  The credit union worked with us through our difficult times, gave us a loan, and helped us to rebuild our credit”